a new room with a view

last weekend we decided to overhaul the boys’ environment. i’m a total believer in the socio-spatial dialectic – meaning our space shapes us, and we shape our space. i dig it on a grander scale in terms of how our cities are structured to facilitate (or not) our experience. i also know how important home space is to our overall well-being. we knew things weren’t working for the boys and how they used (or didn’t use) their room, and as well things just felt chaotic and haphazard with the “play area” we had designated on the rug in front of our couch.

so we recruited the help of our friend carrie contey (www.earlyparenting.com) and she did an evaluation of our house and how we can make it safer and friendlier (ala montessori-style) for the boys. so we jumped in head first and after a few days of planning, a massive IKEA shopping list, and a weekend full of power drilling and furniture lifting, we’ve made a brilliant shift.

we swapped the boys’ room and the guest room, which boasts three huge windows where they can stand and watch the world go by. the colorful curtains have become the boy’ favorite attraction where they sit and play peek-a-boo with each other for sometimes 15 minutes. and we installed some rad IKEA box shelves at the perfect height for standing and cruising (but that they’ll also grow into), where we only put out a few toys at a time and swap ’em out every few days for a nice surprise.

in the living room, we created a similar play area with the box shelves. now when i put the boys down, they immediately crawl to their play "stations" and go to town. and their bedroom has become so much for them. a place to play, explore, hone their skills, but also rest. it’s made diaper changes and getting ready for naps effective, fun and (best yet) fuss-free. we all are thrilled with our new spaces!

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