t-day with the silverboys

our friend alex came in from chicago to celebrate thanksgiving with us. he brought cool new “ugly” stuffed creatures, which abel immediately fell in love with. abie starts his thanksgiving binge by munching on uglydog’s ear:

the boys are fascinated with standing at the french doors and looking at the backyard. here ozzy and dad play a game of “look but can’t touch:”

we decided to buck tradition this year and have a particularly texas thanksgiving dinner. jordan get’s ready to throw three racks of baby back ribs on the smoker. yummmmm….

the finished product. oz tries to grab and feed dad some ribs:

dinner was full of excitement! oz choked on a cheerio and i had to almost perform the heimlich. luckily it popped out when i put him way up over my shoulder and gave a good pat on the back. i’ve never taken action so quickly in my life (although, this isn’t the first time i’ve had to come to a choking rescue. many years back i did the heimlich on a woman in a japanese restaurant who choked on some shabu-shabu). and of course, dinner activities wouldn’t be complete without the boys’ playing a rousing game of peek-a-boo with their trays. here is abel demonstrating:

by 6pm the boys were fast asleep, by 7 everything was clean and by 8 we had a roaring fire and settled in for a movie (well, j and i did. alex was in such a food coma he went to bed!). it was a nice, easy, mellow thanksgiving – a perfect first for the boys.

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