level playing field

while we try hard not to “compare” the boys, as they quickly approach their 10 month birthday i can’t help but notice how things are evening out. they have taken very different paths in terms of development – ozzy cruising through the gross motor stuff, and abie excelling in the fine motor arena.

we wondered as abie clapped, waved and gabbed about, when ozzy would join in. likewise, when oz-man was crawling from room to room of the house, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves, “doesn’t abie want to play follow the leader?”

the past few weeks have been all about the boys “catching up” to one another in these various skills. oz busted out his clapping and consonants one day, as if they had been there all along. and while abie had demonstrated he could crawl months ago, it wasn’t until last week that he decided to use it for true mobility. the very next day he beat oz in a race to the empty can they were chasing.

they now stand in a place where their skills are more-or-less equally matched, and it’s so much fun to see how this changes their interaction. new games of peek-a-boo have been discovered, chase and hide-and-go-seek are becoming staples. long conversations using every consonant in their repertoire take place during breakfast. and the unexpected meeting behind a door or around the couch that sends them into giggles and claps galore.

it’s a fun time in the house right now as they explore and discover things together, and on their own. i can’t help but marvel at how wonderful it is to witness how TWO babies walk their own path…and end up at the same destination with big smiles on their faces. how lucky and privileged we are to be a part of their journeys!

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