the honeymoon is over

in the words of my goddess yoga teacher, today i’m officially “on my moon.” if you don’t know what that means, you’re probably of the male gender and wouldn’t be interested in this post anyways. but i thought it was a nice sounding way of putting “it.”

it’s been a long time coming – 19 months to be exact. well, jordan would correct you and say 19 months and 4 days, since my LMP was on may 23 (2006!!!), a date we said so many times to various doctors that i don’t think he’ll ever forget it. it’s also the boys’ 10 month birthday today. and it’s just three days off from the full moon. i have to say i’m kind of in awe of it all!

it came with little fanfare, thank goodness. i had a hunch about it yesterday after feeling mildly crampy. i feel rather lucky, actually. 19 months – with 10 months postpartum – is a pretty glorious stretch to not have to deal with it.

so, with that, the honeymoon is officially over. well, at least not until next time (did i just say that?!). or if jordan has his way, not until i hit menopause!

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