adventures in eating

our boys love to eat. they love everything about it, from the mushy textures of soft tropical fruit, to creamy mac-and-cheese, to banging on the table with spoons (okay, so maybe i speculate a bit).

we’re exposing them to as many safe foods as they are willing to try. abie continues to love everything we give him. oz has some speculation about things at first, but he’s a good sport about trying, and most of the time he ends up liking things after a few bites. lately they’ve had chili, sag paneer, double baked potato, tortilla crusted catfish, cranberry sauce and queso.

we love taking them out to eat and lately we’ve been trying to meet jordan once a week for lunch. today we took them to shady grove, a fun eatery right by zilker park. it’s old-timey trailer park kitschy and the boys loved it. they entertained all the tables around us, plus the wait staff, with their pterodactyl screeches, waves and claps. they truly are a hoot!

the boys:

dad gettin’ the lovin’:

ozzy all excited:

abie getting comfy at the table:


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