10 month boasts

we’re all so proud of our kiddos, it’s hard not to constantly wax about all the incredible things they do on a daily basis. abie picked lint up off the floor and studied it for a minute! ozzy blew raspberries with a big mouthful of oatmeal and it sprayed all over the wall!

i try to be low-key when it comes to talking about what the boys can, or can’t, do. but lately i’ve noticed some pretty cool things happening that i want to mention for the sake of posterity, since this blog will more than likely become their baby book(s).

it seems like some major synapses are firing in our little abel. in the past week, abie is now signing for milk! go figure, i don’t often nurse on demand, so i feel like i’m letting him down a little when he starts making the sign when he’s, say, getting his diaper changed before his nap. can’t begrudge him for trying, though! he is also doing “how big is abie?” and reaches his hands high in the sky before i can even get “so big!” out.

both ozzy and abie have been clapping like little maniacs for a while and wave to whoever they see. oz gets so excited when he sees his dad come home at the end of the day that he waves with so much force he nearly knocks himself over! they both also do “high five,” which i started as a distraction when ozzy tries to whack my face…he gets a little rambunctious at times.

they both dance when you sing or put music on, but abie really gets his groove on in a major way. he does what we call the “ray charles,” where he sways his head from side to side. when he really likes what he hears, or if he’s super excited (like when i come into the room after their nap), he wiggles his entire body with so much verve! oz does his version of the white man’s overbite – sticking his tongue out and bouncing up and down.

gross motor-wise, they are doing all the typical stuff. crawling around every where, going from room to room, standing on anything they can pull/push up on, cruising on furniture. they are both starting to experiment a bit with letting go and over the past few days they have both stood independently for several seconds. they absolutely love the playground and ozzy has garnered the nickname “the little escape artist.” he’ll high-tail it across the playground and stand up on the wrought iron gate where matilda is and bounce up and down. he’s super adventerous and will just take off – sure, he’ll throw me a few look backs as he’s speed crawling away, just to make sure i’ve got my eye on him.

the boys are serious foodies. they just love everything about it! we took them to a brazilian churrascaria yesterday and they sampled everything that was safe and appropriate: fresh mozzarella, marinated shitake mushrooms, chicken, filet, fried plantains and mashed potatoes. oz loves to feed himself and is quite good at grabbing food and getting it in his mouth however he can. abie likes to be fed. he’s a lay-on-the-couch-and-feed-me-grapes-as-i-recline kind of guy. they are boys after my own heart; their new fav food is mac and cheese (amy’s brand).

in terms of play, the boys mostly love non-toy items. tupperware, balls, books, the formula can, the garbage can, and of course any knob or pull on any cabinet. a few weeks ago they started playing peek-a-boo with each other using their curtains. it sends them into hysterics. they also love playing peek-a-boo with us – when we change their diaper, they’ll pull their blanket over their face and rip it down over and over and over again. they also love chasing us, matilda and ally (the cat).

our days are filled with all types of conversations. today, ozzy talked with his dad for about 5 minutes on the phone. here’s the jist:

jordan: eh
ozzy: eh
jordan: eh
ozzy: eh
jordan: ahhhhh!
ozzy: eeeeahhh!
jordan: eh
ozzy: eh

they both love to scream at one another at the tops of their lungs. jordan eggs them on, especially when i’m feeding them. let’s just say i’ve seen a lot of mashed up food in my kiddos’ mouth’ lately.

there’s our boast-post. so what are your kids doing? hmmmm????

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