stacking and nesting

walking schmawking…our lil’ abie is, officially today, a stacker and a nester! i thought it would never come. the endless destruction, haplessly throwing toys off the shelves, flinging the rings of the stacking cone, picking up and dropping (countless times) the multicolored bowls. and me dutifully picking up, assembling, ordering, all for the purpose of more destruction!

as i joined in what i thought would be a fun fling fest this morning, i noticed something rather odd happening with abel. instead of throwing the ring across the room, he was very purposely placing it on top of the cone. he couldn’t quite get the ring on at first, but after about twenty attempts, he did it! i was one proud mama.

we went into the living room next and i put the nesting bowls in front of him. after disassembling and tossing them around for a minute, all of a sudden, he put one bowl into the next, and the next, and the next. it was beautiful site! i’m starting to dig this one year milestone.

lesson for tomorrow is putting toys on shelves in ascending height order!

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