camera debate

i’d like to join the great camera debate. my fellow twin bloggers have noted the wonderful difference a good lens makes (see unleashing the artist post on goddess). i couldn’t agree more! you see, i’m a photography junkie. my thing is shooting buildings and landscapes, and i’ve always used an old school olympus with a wide angle. i love my camera and swore i’d stick by ‘er during the whole digital revolution. a few years back we bought a tiny nikon coolpix mainly to throw in our backpack on our traveling adventures. we toyed with the idea of getting a digi SLR, but i just couldn’t fathom forking over the cash, and abandoning my good film friend. well…there’s a different story going on now.

my subject has changed dramatically in the past year. instead of capturing rock solid buildings, i’m now chasing around two rambunctious monkeys to capture “the essence” of the moment. not easy with a mediocre digital point-and-shoot. next to impossible with my SLR. here is an example of what my “good” camera can do with the limitations of indoor light and a moving target. oh, and out of this batch of 25 shots, i got 5 good ones, and it cost me $17 to get the film developed, printed and put on a CD, not to mention the cost of film!

so with that, i am now begging my husband for a digital SLR. because i’ll be able to capture beautiful pictures of our children as they grow up. because it may even save us money in the long run (for those truly winner shots, that is!). because i love photography and don’t want to be relegated to flat photos of the most precious subjects to us. because i need to indulge my passion with a fabulous new toy. because…this would be an excellent present for me for successfully taking care of the boys for the first year! reason enough.

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