cha-cha-cha-cha-cha changes!

“one year” has brought on tremendous transition with our silverboys. it’s been happening for the past month now, but seems to keep picking up speed as they move past the 12 month mark. if your first birthday isn’t a big enough milestone, why not just go ahead and throw in walking, moving to one nap, and weaning yourself off the boob?!

let’s start with breastfeeding. first of all, HOLY CRAP! i’ve actually, officially, nursed these guys for 12 months. i NEVER thought i would get to this point. geez, there were times i barely thought i would get to 3 months. but as most of you know who read this blog, we found a way to work through our challenges and breastfeeding became a fantastic thing for us. it’s really been a team effort. i’ve almost exclusively tandem fed these guys, and most of our really amazing intimate moments have happened in these close quarters. i can remember when the guys would run their fingers over each other’s faces, giggling mid gulps, then reach up to touch my face. after nursing, one of their favorite things to do was to grab my hands (one for each boy – perfect!) and study my palm, then flip my hand to the back side, then flip it to my palm again, and then start laughing hysterically. the marvels of “the other side!” breastfeeding has served us well, and maybe served me even better than them. i have to say it’s been a great “tool” to have in my back pocket through these past 12 months. when things got real hairy, and i just didn’t know what to do, nursing them would always seem to do the trick. well, times have changed.

over the past month we’ve scaled back to three feedings. first thing in the morning and then after each nap. the day sessions have, for lack of a better word, “deteriorated” in a major way this past week. so much so we’re down to 1.5 feedings now – meaning abel is still willing to nurse for about 90 seconds during the day. oz just can’t be bothered, and as soon as abie sees ozzy running around playing with toys, he begs to join him. so in a very short time, we’ve gone from three squares a day to one. it’s a good thing the boys really like their sippy cups and have gladly accepted plain soy milk (we’re not doing the bovine thing). so far, so good. and the boys are clearly NOT undernourished. so really, i think this transition is more about me. in the back of my mind, i guess i kinda hoped the boys would continue to nurse a few times a day, especially since we decided not to do regular milk. but now that i’m faced with the boys weaning themselves, i have to quickly process all of this. the hardest part so far is seeing the boys literally squirm away when i position them on the enormous nursing pillow. something that used to be so welcoming to them, such a comfort, is now a major disturbance and cramp in their style. and that comfort is attached to ME! so tomorrow, all we’ll do is the first morning feed, which continues to be a good thing for everyone, but i think we’ll phase it out over the next few weeks (and hopefully not dramatically sooner), as my body and mind continue to adjust to this huge change. and, of course, i am thrilled with the prospect of getting that massive pillow out of our living room, wearing bras again, and banishing those darn nursing tops with a bazillion internal straps and openings. the one thing i’m not so thrilled about is having to cut out that nightly ice cream (among other calories)!

onto naps. today was the first time in, say, three weeks that the boys took two naps. we’ve rapidly gone from two wonderful 1.5 hour stretches (minimum), to one measly 45 minute nap…if i’m lucky. granted, the boys have recently started walking, and both are getting another round of teeth (abel has one popping as we speak and two more in the works). so there’s a lot going on that can interfere with good day zzzzs. but i’m increasingly wondering if the boys are telling me they need to transition to one nap. this has been a major source of frustration for me, maybe because these two nice naps have always been my respite during the day. a time when i cleaned up, prepared food for them and me, took a shower, did laundry, blogged, and if really efficient, rested for a few minutes. as the boys gab, poop, jump and scream (w/ delight and sometimes not-so-much-delight)…anything but sleep…i have started to get impatient and even angry sometimes. i HATE feeling like that towards my guys, as any parent would, especially because i know so much is going on with them. so i’m working on it. as well as a transition strategy to one, long nap. haven’t figured it out yet, but i’m reading about dawn’s experiences over at the joys of twins with great interest! and if anyone has any suggestions…i will be eternally grateful.

to end the post on a high note, the boys are both transitioning to being on their own two feet. it’s beyond exciting and possibly the cutest thing i’ve ever witnessed! oz took his first steps about two weeks ago and is getting more confident by the day. he’s now somewhere in between walking and crawling to do the things he wants. if it’s within 10 steps, he’ll walk. anything longer than that and he’s all about the speed crawl. he LOVES to be on his feet though, so i imagine that this transition will go pretty fast. he’s such a little drunken sailor walking around – i love it! and abie is making good progress from his first steps just a few days ago. he has this great way of studying oz and figuring out what works and doesn’t, then whipping out his version in a much more proficient way than his bro. when he walks, he is so solid and purposeful. i promise i’ll get some video and post that soon.

this one year mark, amidst all the change, has been some of the funnest times i can remember. the boys keep us laughing and smiling all day long with their antics, silliness and cuddles. our little brute, oz-man, has developed such a soft side. he’ll stop whatever he’s doing to crawl as fast as he can over to us, climb into our lap/onto our chest, and snuggle into us for a minute, and then he’s off again! and abie dances his butt off all day long and is just the gentlest being i have ever met – he still strokes my face with the sweetest smile, and loves to pet matilda with the softest, most respectful touch. we love these boys with every inch of our soul and thank god, every single day (multiple times), that abie and ozzy are in our lives!

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