nana time!

the boys have been in grandma heaven the past few weeks, starting with nana nan’s visit. abie and oz love how animated and fun their nana is, how she describes everything they are doing in such wonderful yet simple detail, how expressive she can scrunch her face, smile or be silly serious, and how she doesn’t skip a beat playing peek-a-boo or hide and go seek. here’s just a small sampling of all the fun the boys had with their nana. you’ll notice that in true nana fashion, most of these pictures have to do with food!

classic story time – brown bear was never so exciting!

nana lets oz steal bites of her breakfast yogurt (he was worse than matilda begging for food!)

nana gives abie his morning milk in his chair

nana gives abie a ride around the living room in the laundry basket. oz helps.

feeding frenzy! the boys got their favorite snack of kashi waffles and fruit from nana by crawling all over her!

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