well baby/sick baby

we had the boys’ one year well baby exam this morning, and unfortunately oz attended as a sicky. he got jordan’s yucky cold, which around here they call the strain “the crud.” it starts with a cough (that doesn’t quit) and progresses to a head cold. fun. back to the stats, though.

abel weighs 21 lb 4oz, is 29 inches tall and head size is 46.5
oskar weighs 20 lb 15 oz, is 29 inches tall and head size is 46

they both look great! our doctor is very progressive when it comes to giving vaccinations, and with oz being sick and the threat of abie catching it, we all decided it best to wait. we’ll do a round at 15 mo. and another at 18 mo. (which will include the MMR, which he waits until 18 mo. anyways to bypass the whole MMR/autism controversy).

poor oz-man, the doc wanted to check for strep and bacterium because his fever was over 102 and he had a red throat. everything came back negative, so it’s just an old fashioned cold, which we knew anyway. i appreciate how concerned our doc is and wanting to rule things out, but when you’ve got a miserable kid with snot running down his face, the last thing you want to do is prick his finger, draw blood, and then stick a q-tip down his throat! let’s just say i couldn’t tell where the tears ended and the snot began. keep your fingers crossed that this passes quickly for oz and that abie (and mom) weathers the storm unscathed.

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