sick baby/sick baby/sick mama

the boys have RSV. i know, it SUCKS! we brought them to the doc today after three miserable days and oz just getting worse and worse. abie is just at the start of it, oz is knee deep. in addition to RSV, oz has an ear infection and conjunctivitis. abie has the start of an ear infection. so they’re on antibiotics, eye drops and motrin. and we got a nebulizer just in case breathing becomes labored (pray that it doesn’t). i’m sure i have the adult version of RSV, which consists of a bad-ass cold. all i can say is “thank god for jordan.” he’s left work early the past two days and today went in at 6:30am so he could be home by 9am to help with the boys. i honestly don’t know how moms or dads (or other caregivers) attend to two sick children at once.

it seems like there are a lot of sick twins out in blog land right now…i hope everyone’s kiddos get better – STAT!

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