i’m so excited to announce that there’s a new website in town for twin parents (and higher order multiples, too)! here’s a blurb from the site:

How do you do it? is a website for some of us to share what we’ve figured out (or what we haven’t). We invite you to read along, make comments (we love to know someone’s reading!), ask questions. We’ll have weekly features, including product reviews, food talk, and an ask-the-moms segment. Please feel free to visit our features page and use the comments to ask your questions, and we’ll address any topics we can. Our goal is to have something new for you to read nearly every day, so check back often and bring your friends!

i’ll be a regular weekly contributor to the blog, and you’ll see many of my blog friends posting too, including adventures of carrie, goddess and two are better! i have to give major snaps to goddess, as this whole venture was her idea and she got us all together and set up the site. you’d think with us all having twins of varying ages, this type of launch would take a while. no sir-ee! it was all of two weeks from a “test the waters” email to up-and-running…seriously impressive!

visit often and ENJOY!

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