shopping for immunity

no, this is not some weird twist to the new survivor: fans and favorites. this is about how we’ve made it priorito numero uno to whip our defenses against sickness into shape. pronto.

you see, we’re been pretty germ friendly around here. once we made it past the first month and out of the psychotic wash-your-hands-every-20-minutes-and-sterilize-everything-phase, i have to admit we’ve been sorely lax on the anti-germ front. binkies go back in the mouth after dropping on the floor, hands don’t always get washed before meals, we let people touch the boys when we’re out in public, the list goes on and on.

however, after the recent RSV attack and the major cramp it put in our style, we’re thinking twice about how hospitable we are to those pesky germs. i know illness is inevitable, but i also know that we don’t do diddley to try and prevent it. and that goes for j and i, too. what was i thinking eating yogurt from the same spoon as my kids who have snot coming out of their eyes (i know, it was really gross)! i had some perverse notion that i was immune to whatever ailed them. and guess who laughed in my face.

so what’s a girl to do? go shopping for immunity! and even better…go to costco! here’s what was on our list:

4 pack of clorox disinfectant wipes
anti-viral kleenex
3 pack of lysol
immune defense emergen-c
komboocha green tea (yogi brand)
probiotics (jarrow brand for the lads)
and, the all important vitamins (i know, i’m a mega slacker and have been off my prenatal for, hmmm, 6 months now. bad mama.)

i was a little worried after all these great germ-killer/illness-preventers sat on the counter for a week. did we have it in us? could we change our ways? after some thought and discussion, i’m proud to say we’ve initiated an implementation plan. i transfered the industrial-sized roll of wipes to a slim travel wipes case for the diaper bag. better yet, this weekend i even used them. twice! once at the playground where i wiped down the “tree house” that the boys play all over. i could feel the parents staring at me like i was some kind of freak. i felt like a freak, too, however i felt better knowing that i was preventing a future outbreak of flu in my home. the second time came tonight at ikea where we wiped down the carts, the table and the highchairs. i boldly wiped this time and felt less freakish and more empowered. i think i’m really going to get into this (as i sip my emergen-c while writing this)!

project germ slash-and-burn underway! now watch, the boys will wake up tomorrow morning puking in their cribs.

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