poo stinks!!!

i know, i state the obvious. but i’m at my wits end and so i must vent. the crapiness has been going on for months now, but i’ve withheld writing about it because, well, it’s an overdone subject. but i just can’t hold it in any longer.

i believe my boys, one (abel) in particular, strategically poos. meaning that we have a poo at every nap. every. single. one. and most of the time, he poos within minutes of me laying him down. yesterday he pooed twice in one 45-minute period. there have been naps where he’s pooed four times, i kid you not. and it doesn’t matter what time i put him down. oh trust me, i’ve tried that. i’ve varied the kid’s nap time all over the map. the poo never fails. i’ve tried feeding them at different times. i’ve tried prunes to entice some movement before the nap to no avail.

it’s driving me bonkers. what can i do? i’m contemplating not changing it so he learns that it’s not a way to get me to come in. but then i think of the rash-repercussions and i cringe. he’s got one sensitive tush, if you know what i mean. he knows he’s got me beat.

he’s a clever one, that abie. at six months he figured out the art of diversion. when oz would steal his toy, he’d look for the nearest, coolest object, start playing with it, oz would then steal that one, and…wallah! he’d have his original toy back. but i’m smarter than that! i can figure out this catch twenty-poo!

okay, so maybe he’s smarter than me. but he can’t be smarter than the collective wisdom and experience of the world wide web. so i implore you, dear readers, for some advice. what’s a poo (i mean girl) to do?

the poopetrator flees the scene of the crime

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