this morning we all woke up to the news that j lo gave birth to twins. you actually couldn’t avoid it. it was the headline on yahoo, for cripes sake. you’d think royalty had just arrived. well maybe that’s true – the heir and heiress of pop culture?

the ridiculous media frenzy aside, i actually took some interest in this story. first off, i noticed that j lo’s twins were born about 10 minutes apart, indicating a vaginal birth. way to go, girl! c-sections are so common with twins (and for some very good and necessary reasons), some doctors won’t even deliver twins the good ol’ fashioned way. in an era when celebs, and many others, elect for a surgical delivery (and most of those are single births), it’s refreshing to see that j lo was able to choose a vaginal birth. or so i assume…after all, with my boys being born 71 minutes apart, you’d think they were both born vaginally. i got the best of both worlds (or so i’ve convinced myself)!

but even more interesting than how j lo delivered these bundles, is that having twins is, for better of for worse, becoming trendy. rumor headlines run rampant, “brangelina having twins!” (or better yet triplets!); “jessica alba preggo with two!” the list goes on and on. whether these rumors are founded on any actual fact is beyond my psychic abilities. but they’re obviously founded on the media’s knowledge that the public DEVOURS anything regarding multiple births. and celebrities aren’t immune to the larger statistical picture that says there are more twin and multiple births now more then ever before.

so what will come from the “trendiness” of twins? maybe some relief from all the ludicrous comments from our adoring public (ahem, double trouble, you’ve got your hands full, better you than me, etc.)? i doubt it. or maybe all the twin celebrity parents will rally behind us in lobbying congress for an annual “bonus” for families with multiples? i double doubt it.

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