there’s one thing about our abel that does not budge – he is just sweet as sugar. he’s got the gentlest demeanor for a child. the way he pets matilda just melts my heart. he’ll just take one finger and rub her face ever so lightly. that’s right before he gently sticks his finger in her eye ball, an obsession of his for several months now. i can’t tell you how many times i had to create a barrier between him and oz when they were nursing because he would constantly try and touch oz’s eye. it was too funny!

abie j takes a few steps here and there, but hasn’t put it all together yet to start “really” walking. i feel like he’s on the verge of a breakthrough. you can tell he’s thinking about it, and he’ll venture the few steps between chair and door, or wall and table, but that’s about it. he doesn’t seem to be bothered the least bit watching his brother cruise around him on two feet, though.

abie loves to feed other people. he will alternate between putting food in his mouth and then holding his hand out for me to eat the cheerio. that counts for matilda, too, and he somehow knows that when he’s done, he can feed matilda the leftovers from his plate. mati takes food so gently from him, and it never ceases to amaze and crack up the boys. abie is more of a methodical eater and will take his time between bites, surveying his plate and choosing what he’ll consume next. when he’s done, he takes great delight in lining up his leftovers on the side of his placemat. he LOVES kashi waffles with butter. all i can say is thank god for these healthy, frozen, convenient goodies. if it weren’t for waffles, i don’t know what the boys would eat half the time.

abes is pretty strategic when it comes to playing with his brother. for the most part, they do really well together, but oz has a bullish way about him when it comes to toys he wants. sometimes he crosses the line and abie gets pretty bent out of shape. but often, he figures out a way to keep his toy, whether through diversion (letting oz have the toy, playing with a new toy that oz will be interested in, oz takes the new toy and abie gets his original toy back), or through keep-away. abie will rotate on his butt, turning his back on oz so he can’t get to the toy. he’s super fast and oz just can’t get to it most of the time. or he’ll do the side throw. he’ll see oz coming and just as he’s about to grab, abie will throw the toy to the other side so oz can’t get it. it’s just hysterical!

abie’s favorite game, besides peek-a-boo (of course), is chase. he will crawl towards the other room, look back with a big ol’ smile to get ozzy’s or my attention, see us coming and then crawl away, laughing hysterically, as fast as he can. he also loves to touch faces and him and oz will just crack up as they touch each other’s nose, mouth, hair, ears, etc. my glasses are an endless source of fascination for him, and i let him push my glasses up, then pull them back in place. it’s like an alternate form of peek-a-boo that he loves.

abie shows his affection through head butts nuzzles. j taught him to head butt a few weeks ago and abes has taken it to a whole new level. he butts, and then continues to nuzzle into you for a few seconds. and then, of course, is his trademark move – the ray charles. just say the words and he starts wiggling his whole body and swaying his head from side to side. this guy has got some serious moves!!!

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