lucky 13

i had just gotten used to the fact that they were one, and now they went ahead and added a month to that in no time flat! i realize that i’ve been woefully neglectful keeping up with their monthly profiles, and never even wrote one for 11 or 12 months. shame, shame! honestly, i think now that they are one, i’ll probably give myself some slack and just talk about major things that are going on, instead of trying to do some kind of regular character analysis. because realistically, they change so fast that they call me a liar half the time.

on the big picture front, we’re down to nursing one time a day, first thing when they wake up. it honestly feels so liberating to not nurse them during the day anymore. i can wear real shirts again! the boys did an amazing job weaning themselves. it started just after their one year birthday and it happened so seamlessly and naturally. i was nursing them three times a day, and they dropped a feeding a week. they just had better things to do then lay on a nursing pillow for even 60 seconds. i think this remaining feeding will probably last for another week or so. i’ve noticed it getting shorter and shorter. so i’ve officially achieved my goal of breastfeeding these guys for a full year – hoorray!

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