just like that

last week j and i talked about stopping the last morning feeding. we’ve been in a rut with the boys’ sleep lately. i don’t want to complain because they are excellent sleepers – at least 11 hours straight every night. i know we have it lucky. but we’ve also known for a while that they just need a little bit more. for better or for worse, our boys need PLENTY of sleep to be well-oiled machines. around their first birthday, they’d get up at 5:30ish, nurse, and go back to sleep until 7am. this was at a bedtime of 6pm. beautiful. but for the past month they’ve been nixing that last sleep push. and we’ve been feeling the repercussions with crabby boys and inconsistent naps. we knew nursing was getting in the way. once we got them out of bed, that was it. so last week j and i were at our wits end and after an early wakening, said, “let’s just give them a sip of water tomorrow morning and put them back in their cribs.” that night, as we were putting the boys to bed, j said to them, “this morning was the last time you’ll nurse.” i gulped. it was like the conversation in the morning didn’t exist. was i really ready for this?

so i decided to give it through the weekend, i guess so i could make peace with this ending. it wasn’t glorious or anything. i didn’t have any epiphanies, other than i feel incredibly privileged, a little bit lucky, and a lot proud of sticking with it for this long. man, we had a rocky road at first. but it straighted out and served us all well, and after this weekend i had the strong feeling that we were all ready to move on. and then yesterday morning, when oskar nibbled instead of nursed, that feeling was more than affirmed.

so this morning when abie woke up at 5:50am (and that’s with the new bedtime of 7pm thanks to DLS), we checked to see if it was a poo, gave him a sip of water, and put him and the awakened oz-man back to bed. they slept until 7:15am, happy as clams. when they woke up, we gave them their cup of milk and started breakfast. no complaints, no “what’s going on here?” looks, nothing that would make you suspect anything was out of the ordinary. it happened just like that.

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