busy busy boys

i feel like i need about eight eyes around my head these days. the boys are having a blast playing, and i try to give them their space some of the time, until they say that they need me or want me to play, hug or cuddle with them. of course, lots of times i can’t resist jumping in on the fun, but i’ve noticed that sometimes it interrupts their groove.

yesterday i looked over at the boys reading their books by the media center. oz pointed to the DVD player and smiled. i noticed it read “no disk,” and i saw the DVD that had been in there sitting next to him. he was very proud that he opened the player, pulled out the disk, and then closed it!

we’re gradually getting them used to the child care center at the health club. yesterday was their fourth time and i came back after 25 minutes to see them sitting in a row with 6 other toddles – calm, happy and totally mesmerized by baby einstein on the big screen. we never have the tv on at home, and it was clear these kids were into it!

j came home early from work and we took the boys to the playground after dinner. oz has mastered walking in the pea gravel and that boy was working the playground like i’ve never seen. he was climbing the jungle gym, going back and forth in the tunnel, and then he decided to go down the slide by himself. for some reason, he wanted to go down face first, but i grabbed him and flipped him to a seated position at the last second. j was sitting at the bottom of the slide with abie, and oz starts to go down, but decides that he really did want to go down face first. so as he starts to slide, he projects himself forward and literally did a somersault down the slide. j almost had a heart attack. oz ended up at the bottom of the slide like, “what! what’s the problem, people?!” gotta watch that kid, i tell you.

abie is really into hammering things, especially his work bench with the four balls that he can hammer down. this morning i heard the boys laughing and i looked over to see abie lightly tapping ozzy’s head with the hammer. they both got the biggest kick over it. i turned away, then looked back to see abie hammering ozzy’s head with all his might, and seconds later oz’s laughs turned to screams.

i can’t wait to see what the rest of today brings!

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