– abie and oz got their first haircuts this weekend! oz was sporting a major mullet and, as cute as it was, i just couldn’t do it any longer. so i cut the ol’ scissors out and clipped away while the boys ate their snacks. they didn’t even realize what was happening! i took it easy and just trimmed the back and sides, so it’s not too drastic. but super cute and boyish, nonetheless!

– HUGE growth spurt this weekend. we’re talking at least 1.5 inches. oz slept for 4 hours on saturday and woke up from his second nap at least an inch taller than abel. it was very strange to see that, especially since they’ve always been the same height. abel was not to be outdone, however, and by the time he woke up sunday morning, they were dead even again. last night they slept 12.5 hours, i’m sure recovering from some massive energy exertion. craziness, i tell you!

– we were starting to worry about oz and his tendencies to just “walk off” steps and stairs. it’s like he had no concept that if he did that he would fall face first. we have two major steps off our back patio in two separate places and ozzy would just barrel towards them with no regard for his life. and if you tried to help him down, or show him how to crawl down backwards, he would get very put-off. it’s been a little crazy chasing him around outside while keeping our eyes on abie as well. well, this morning we had a major breakthrough and he figured out how to hold onto the side of the door frame or wall and lower his first foot down, then the second. it was a stroke of brilliance, and once he figured it out, he practiced, on both sides, for 30 minutes straight. up and down. up and down. right side, left side. it was the funniest thing i’ve seen yet.

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