oz-man is all about multitasking these days. actually, ever since he started walking a few months ago, the multitasking has reached hysterical proportions. he walks and drinks at the same time. walks and reads at the same time (so freakin’ funny!). walks and plays with any and every toy at the same time. i’ve even found him walking around with the cone in one hand and a ring in the other hand, stacking the ring onto the cone! the amazing thing is that he’s only managed to run into other things (couch, chair, wall, table, etc.) a few times while doing this. it’s like he has some sixth sense or radar or something.

i wonder why he does this? is it because he loves to walk around so much? he must always be walking, but he also wants to do other things as well? wouldn’t it be hysterical if he keeps this up his whole life? i mean, how often do you see someone walking down the street reading a book? that would be awesome!

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