the boys LOVE to talk to people on the phone. last week ozzy managed to call lee-lee all by himself. i was on the computer and all of a sudden i heard the phone ringing on speaker and lee-lee saying “hello” on the other end. oz proceeded to scream and babble into the phone, blowing kisses and kissing the phone every time lee-lee said, “i wish i were there to give you big kisses!” and then hugging the phone at least a half a dozen times. it was unbelievably cute.

but the best is when we talk to j throughout the day. the boys can’t get enough of talking to daddy on the phone. they get so excited, doing a happy feet dance, screeching and screaming and saying dada over and over again. i know i need to get it on video, but for now, here’s a little sequence of photos, mainly of abie talking to dad.

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