oskar tidbits

– oz has a new component of his bedtime routine that consists of him kissing all of his stuffed animals. he points to each animal on the shelf, one by one, and we bring it to him to kiss. one is a blue ugly doll, which he promptly smooches his fanged teeth. the next is a very furry alpaca teddy bear, which he won’t kiss because it’s too fuzzy (but he needs to say good night to him, nonetheless). when we get to piglet, a homemade version from my youth, he yells “mama mama mama!” and gives him the biggest kiss you can imagine. he basically inhales his face. we have no idea where this whole routine came from. just one night last week he started pointing to the animals and wouldn’t give up until j would given him each one. what i want to know is why piglet is emphatically identified as “mama!” what is he trying to tell me? and why the heck don’t I get a kiss like that before bedtime?!?

– tonight during the boys’ bath, oz grabbed the washcloth and started to clean abie’s arm, and then face with it. if he drools on the floor, he’ll grab a burp cloth or tissue and wipe it up. but god forbid you wipe his hands and/or face after a meal. that is just unacceptable.

– oz loves to go for walks around the neighborhood. he walks on the sidewalk and he just keeps on going and doesn’t look back. he’s also getting really good at throwing the ball for mati and loves to hang out in the yard throwing the ball for her over and over again. that is when he’s not running laps around the yard.

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