soggy comfort

the boys are seriously attached to their blankets. those little things are 15″x15″ “cozychic” knit of pure comfort to them. lee-lee got these blankets for the boys upon their birth, we started putting them in their cribs when they were about 5 months old, and by 7 months they were hooked.

we’ve had some near disasters with them as the boys have become even more attached and wanting to take their blankets with them on stroller rides, outings, etc. and man, what a mother won’t do to rescue her child’s blanket! i remember a few months back taking the boys on a greenbelt hike (i.e. rocky, off-road, forested area), only to discover upon coming home that abel’s blanket was MIA. it was nap time, but i knew that any chance of them sleeping would be nada without this missing item. so off we went on another 45 minute hike to find blankie. and there he was, laying in the middle of the trail, all alone.

so tonight it was rather surprising when oskar ran into the bathroom as the tub was filling up for their pre-bedtime bath and boldly threw his blanket in the water. doesn’t he realize what this means?! pure masochism, i tell you! jordan told me what happened and i honestly didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. i said, “well, we’ll throw it in the dryer and give him a different blanket to snuggle.” yah, right.

so we do our bedtime, and oz totally rejects the “other” blanket, whipping it to the floor each time without a second glance. he finally settles and j puts him down in his crib. not more than two steps out the door later, oz is freaking out. so i grab two of ozzy’s favorite ugly dolls, pass them to jordan, and he tries to give oz these second-rate back ups. that appeased him for all of 5 minutes, probably because he was so amused with getting his toys in his crib, but then when the novelty wore off, oz was freakin’ again. so i hot foot it to the dryer, and it would be generous to say his blanket was still damp. but as j had already left for class, what was i to do? i grabbed that damp cloth and brought it to my hysterical son, who immediately grabbed it, hugged it, and collapsed into a sleep stupor.

now that gives new meaning to a wet blanket! i just hope i can sneak in there in a few minutes and snatch that blanket away from a slumbering and (cross your fingers) oblivious oksar and dry in properly. oh, and in between writing this post and watching american idol, i just ordered two more blankets so this will NEVER happen again.

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