three times NOT a charm

the blankie saga continues. abie had a fever yesterday so i (against my better judgment) let him have his blankie on our evening walk. low and behold, we come home, eat, play, get ready for our bath, and as i’m looking around their room i realize that his blankie is MIA. j goes to the stroller. nada. so as the tub is filling up, he high tails it in the car and retraces our route. thank god he found blankie! but of course abie went to bed with a filthy blanket. we got all the leaves and obvious pieces of dirt off it, but it had been laying in the street for a few hours. so abel snuggled up to some street last night. ugh!

then tonight, the drama continued. yet again, oz ran into the bathroom with the tub filling up and chucked his blanket in. i actually screamed “NO!” as it happened. it actually felt like the slow motion, drawn out kind you see in movies. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” needless to say, oz went to sleep with another wet blanket.

and if anyone is curious, i can tell you from personal experience from the past 5 minutes, that if a 15 month old child stirs in the middle of the night and his blankie is not there, because it is still in the dryer, he DOES notice and he is NOT happy.

wet blanket + dirty blanket + wet blanket = should have paid $10 for overnight shipping when ordering back up blankets last night

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