walkin’ around

the guys love to walk every where we go, and have gotten pretty fearless when it comes to being outside and in public. oz walks from the car to the door of costco and just thinks it’s the coolest thing, until i put him in the cart, that is. and abie just wouldn’t stand for me carrying him to the car from a birthday party yesterday. the sidewalk just looked too darn good. so yesterday i broke down and finally bought them cute little teddy bear and monkey “back pack” leashes from target. before having twins, i swore i would never do this. now it’s just a necessity, especially if i’m out with them by myself (since they REFUSE to hold my hand – how uncool is that?!).

their favorite game right now is “i’m gonna get you!” when daddy chases them down the sidewalk. here are all of my boys demonstrating:

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