sign of the times

the guys are becoming hilarious with their sign language. they love communicating with their hands and gestures, which is a good thing, because their words just don’t cut the mustard yet. besides mama and dada, abie says dog (duh) and truck (druh) and doi (oh, come on, y’all know what a doi is!). he also says bizabuzabizell a lot. abie is extremely conversational and will talk in complete sentences as we discuss the presidential primaries. complete sentences in baby chinese, that is. oz says dat when he points to everything, and ma-maaaaaaaa! or just maaaaaaa! when he wants something or more of something. he will also say nanana when he is really excited about eating a banana.

but the signing is where they really shine and it’s so much fun to see them show me what they are thinking. they do both traditional and non-traditional (as in they/we made it up) signing. they’ve both mastered some basics – milk, eat, more, all done and clean up. oz will get to the page of the book where there is a monkey on the indigenous man’s head, and he will pound his chest like tarzan and then put his hands on top of his head. “look ma, there’s a monkey on the guy’s head!” every time he wants me to sing itsy bitsy spider he pulls out the book and pinches his fingers over his head. abie raises his arm next to his face and blows a loud raspberry when he sees an elephant. and we actively make up our own signs for lots of things. a good example lately is truck, where i’ve taught them to “pull the horn” (remember doing this on road trips when you’d pass a truck?!). i’ve realized i should probably look up the actual signs for these things so that the boys don’t have TWO secret languages, so i’ve bookmarked the ASL’s video browser, which is super cool. i’m going to try and incorporate as much sign language as possible, including teaching them a new sign every week, starting with bird, since they love birds so much.

i’m sure as soon as we start to really get into signing, actual words will start pouring out of their mouths. they just love to shake things up like that.

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