more tidbits

– abie has added a new element to his bedtime routine. instead of reading a book, he’d rather spend his last few minutes of wakefulness playing with his cog puzzle from ikea.

– the boys are now drinking from cups with straws instead of the traditional sippy cup. they love it! abie loves it so much that he drinks for the fun of sipping it out of the straw, however instead of swallowing his milk/water/etc. he sips it into his mouth and then opens his mouth part way to let it run all over his shirt. lovely. i actually had to tuck a burp cloth into the top of his shirt today at the mall as we were strolling around. i just knew those things would have a second life before they turned into cleaning rags.

– with the advent of drinking from straws, i thought it would be so perfect to get the travel sized milk boxes for on-the-go. let’s chalk the idea up to, “not ready for this one yet.” we had two ecstatic boys running around kohl’s squeezing the boxes and squirting milk everywhere.

– the boys have been going over to their best friend/neighbor kai’s house for morning play time and have discovered the piano. they both wanted to sit on the bench so bad today, so i put them both up and they played duets of avant guard piano for a good 20 minutes. it was one of the cutest things i’ve seen in a long time. well, almost as cute as…

– ozzy feeding abie today. we had an impromptu string cheese snack this morning and oz was loving putting the cheese into abie’s mouth. now this is what having twins is all about, people!

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