welcome to pukesville

we had one very good thing and two very bad things happen this past week. the good first. lee-lee came into town last weekend and we got to celebrate her birthday and mother’s day with her! the first bad news. we found abel last sunday morning covered in puke and within a few hours he was in the throws of full blown stomach flu. the second bad news. oz got it two days later.

it’s been pretty miserable around here lately with projectile everything coming out of our two toddlers. and it’s just plain weird when you witness your energetic, happy, playful, running around boys turn into wet noodles without enough strength to even stand up and walk. abel basically slept on me for two straight days and oz slept on lee-lee and dad. and just when we thought they were coming out of it, oz decided to throw in one more day of non-stop puking yesterday, just for good measure. ugh! so far today seems pretty good and he’s kept down some frozen waffles and strawberries. cross your fingers…

all i can say is, once again, thank god lee-lee was here all week. this is her second time being our saving grace with sick twins. she got in two great days with the guys before this knocked them out and here are the pictures to prove it!

lee-lee models her new b-day hat

we had a nice celebration for lee-lee on saturday – j made his famous smoked brisket!

lee-lee brought the boys my old synthesizer from when i was seven. i can’t believe she kept it all these years! it is a huge hit with the boys.

oz modeling his new chef’s hat.

“hey dude, you got a big puffy thing on your head!”

oz fell in love with the hat. he kept bringing it to lee-lee for her to put it on his head. he even wore it during the party! here’s oz and the boys’ bf kai.

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