nanny 911

we finally did it! lupe joined our house this past monday and will be hangin’ with the boys in the morning for three days a week. i have to admit it, being a stay-at-home-mom with twins was starting to make me a little batty, and after talking to jordan, we quickly decided to get some help so i could regain a little “me” time. i can’t tell you how important this is. because while i love being mom, i love being tracey-who-is-a-mom even more. i plan to use this time for myself each week wisely. i want to regain an old hobby or two (rock climbing will be one of them). and i want to start giving back to my community, which has been sorely lacking. i also want to spend more time with my friends!

lupe is a wonderful nanny who already works two days a week with a fellow family in the neighborhood. she speaks spanish exclusively with the boys, which we are overjoyed about. she is kind and gentle and has an amazing way with oz and abie. they warmed up to her immediately and started putting on a show for her (they do this with guests in our house). by friday, she was on her own with them and i swear, the guys could have cared less that i wasn’t there. oh, and get this! she nannied for twin boys for 6 years and was ecstatic to have twins back in her life.

i feel like this is such a great development for all of us. the boys need to be comfortable spending time without me during the day, and they will be with a wonderful caregiver and learning spanish to boot! and i already feel like i have regained a sense of myself in this short time. now if i can just get jordan to stop worrying about our check book…

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