we walk with the boys every morning. it’s been our ritual since the guys were just a few weeks old. i remember in the very early days walking around our neighborhood pre-dawn. yah, we had some early risers on our hands. these days our walk starts sometime around 8am, after breakfast and getting ready for the day, but before hard core play. with the advent of walking, our walk has evolved. now we have some running around time in the front yard, followed by abel leading us on a little “pre-walk” walk down the side walk, before we fully embark on our 30-45 minute stroller chasse.

this morning we stepped outside to find our neighbors sprinkler in full force. four eyes lit up. two eyes gave them an affirming “go for it.” another two eyes looked at the affirming two, rolled, and said without saying, “what are you getting us all in to.”

i love spontaneity and i try to give into it whenever i can, especially if the repercussions are within reason and easy to clean up. jordan is more of a carefully planned person, neat and clean. i’m a roll in the mud kind-of gal. so with my positive nod, the boys charged forward for their morning frolic in the water. it ended up being the perfect start to a very hot day in texas.

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