brotherly love

affection is exploding out of these boys lately. j and i now receive awesome kisses on the lips, hugs galore, as do lots of objects around our house including matilda, the couch and ottoman, blankies, stuffed animals, etc. but last week the boys’ realized that they can shower each other with affection. sure, they’ve hugged before, but it’s becoming a regular thing nowadays.

last week in the tub, abie was standing in front of a sitting oskar. oz looked up, saw abie’s penis, and touched it. jordan said matter of factly, “you can touch your own penis, but not abel’s.” within 60 seconds the boys were sitting facing each other and, laughing, leaned in to give each other a big open-mouthed kiss. and then it happened. oz slipped abie the tongue, which made them laugh even more.

but this increased physical contact comes in all forms, and while sweetness is behind lots of it, frustration is behind some of it too. the boys are certainly sorting out the concept of “that’s mine, this is yours” as well as taking turns on favorite toys and books. we’re reffing lots of MMA matches around the house lately and they are both totally guilty. we really don’t have one offender, but rather they have demonstrated that they can equally well tackle, pin, pull hair and clothing, get each other in the guard and smack each other on head. we really try not to laugh and find ourselves bitting our tongues a lot.

on the whole, i’m pretty impressed by how well they get along and how much they enjoy playing with each other. they have a really caring, empathetic relationship and they are constantly doing nice things for one another. if one goes into their room to get his blanket, he always brings his brother’s blanket for him. if one goes into the kitchen for milk or water, he always brings his brother’s cup too (and offers it to him!). they frequently hold hands and play footsie in the stroller. it melts my heart in ways i never imagined.

it ends as fast as it starts, the anatomy of a fight:

oz steals the wagon so abie pulls his hair

oz retaliates with a double fisted shirt pull

oz takes abie to the ground

they turn a corner and abie pulls oz in for a kiss

smiling and laughing, they’re back up and abie is pushing oz around in the stolen wagon

hmmmmmm…i wonder where they learn this behavior?

(note bald man holding his best friend richard in his guard)

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