you say potato

to say our boys have their own individual styles is an understatement. they just approach life differently, and it shows in interesting and funny ways.

– abie goes down stairs on his butt (always) and oz either crawls down backwards, side steps while holding the door frame, or (when a small enough step) will just barrel down forward. it’s hysterical watching them go down the step at the same time to get to the garage.

– oz signs everything and abel verbalizes everything

– oz moans really loudly when we put him to sleep and abie is quiet as a mouse

– abie loves him some binkie and oz has nothing to do with it

– abie gives open mouthed kisses and oz does the peck

– oz is a terror when he eats w/ food going everywhere; abel is neat and tidy and gets the spoon in his mouth every time

– ozzy is right handed and abel is an obvious lefty

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