family foto

it’s a rare thing to find pictures of the four of us. i hunt through iphoto in hopes of finding a good family pic from different stages of the boys’ lives and there’s slim pickins’. so with j’s mom in town this past week, i was determined to have some pics taken of all of us. i knew it wouldn’t be easy. out of about 40 pics in 3 different shoots, we managed to get ONE good shot:

now, i say this pic is good because we’re all sort of looking at the camera, no one is crying, it’s not blurry and jordan and i actually look decent.

here are some of the pics we got to choose from. you’ll note that the oz-man was having an especially rough time of it, due i think to his molars. or perhaps the site of the camera made him want to vomit?

i don’t even have the words to capture this expression. it speaks for itself:

obviously oz doesn’t want to be on my shoulders:

getting closer, but distracted by the car driving by:

and last but not least, my personal fav:

i think there’s a very good reason professional photographers get paid the big bucks to capture those pics where everyone is smiling and looking fabulous and i think one of them is going to get a call from me very, very soon.

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