r, w and b extravaganza

my childhood 4th of july memories are beyond idyllic. a massive neighborhood parade where everyone dressed up, baseball games in the farm field, swimming in the afternoon followed by a huge picnic, all capped off with fireworks over a pond at our friend’s house. neighbors would draw out of a hat who would host for the upcoming year. it was a true highlight.

i feel beyond lucky that our boys are growing up in the same kind of neighborhood that i did. this morning we got all dressed up in red, white and blue, cut through the wooded fields in back of our house and met a neighborhood full of families who were ready to parade and celebrate. it was awesome! the only bummer was the fire engine never showed. that would have made it over the top. the boys devoured choc. chip cookies, big wedges of watermelon, cruised around in their radio flyer, played with their best friends and got a glimpse of the fun to come by trying out a rad tricycle. this afternoon we’ll bbq with some friends and the boys will get to run around the backyard naked, going in and out of the kiddie pool, hosing each other off from the texas heat. i couldn’t imagine a better way for us all to celebrate.

wishing you all an equally awesome 4th!

abie totally “got it” when we sang the star spangled banner. he was so into it, i was surprised that he didn’t put his hand over his heart!

getting ready to wagon in the parade.

enjoying some chocolate yumminess.

enjoying the parade.

the boys check out a rad tricycle with their bf kai.

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