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i recently posted on “how do you do it” about my concern with the boys’ speech development. well, the boys never cease to make me eat my words. since saturday, abel started saying shoes, “zooz.” it’s darling. and mr. oskar has become obsessed with a new word. i think he’s said it about one hundred times between yesterday and today. and what, pray tell, do you think this word is? ball? mati? block? food? oh no, oh no. ozzy’s new word is skunk. pronounced “schchgungk,” thank you very much. his german guttural inflection on the beginning is too much. our good german friend stef was amazed and, i think, a little jealous that oz can make this sound with such vigor, while his son (who he exclusively speaks german to) does not. kai also happens to have a 60 plus word vocabulary, so he can deal. anyways, me thinks (hopes) this language explosion they all talk of is making its rounds at our house. gosh it will be fun!

so if the boys like proving me wrong, watch for my next post on biting and hair pulling. i know i’m asking for a miracle here, but a mom’s gotta try!

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