some tids and more bits

i wanted to capture some impressions of abel and oskar as time motors on by and they rapidly approach the 18 month mark. like so many other twin parents have wisely said, it’s impossible to make any concrete statements about who these people are. they defy characterization in a major way and are always switching things up. and as soon as i say oz is this and abie is that, they make me eat my words almost instantly. so instead of a lengthy character analysis, i thought i’d just bullet out some fun things they do:

– the boys are serious about their walking. we’ve taken them on several nature hikes on paths that have fairly rocky terrain. abel tends to be more cautious and likes to hold my hand on the walk. oz throws caution to the wind and barrels on down, remarkably able to stay up right on some pretty challenging terrain. they both seem to be in their element in nature and beam as we walk through the woods and greenbelt.

– abel is our current dare devil and loves to climb to new heights. he races up stairs, up the play gym, throws himself down slides that are WAY too curvy and high for him, climbs up and over our couch, etc.

– both guys are serious bookies. reading is truly their activity of choice and they both delight in sitting in our laps, turning page after page. sometimes they let us actually read the story but mainly it’s just about pointing to different objects on the page and saying, “da dat?!” over and over again.

– oskar has become a major affection junky lately and he loves to give hugs and kisses just as much as he loves to get them. he’ll give kisses, one after the other, for several minutes! also, both boys hug mati many times throughout the day, and will hug the neighborhood cats we come across on our daily walks.

– abie scratches his butt in the bathtub. we have no idea what this is about.

– the boys have learned to blow on their food before eating it, just in case it’s too hot. also, abie started saying the word “hot! hot!” today when his hands hit the scorching 102 degree pavement.

– both boys are OBSESSED with eating all meals with a fork. it’s made dinner delightful now that they are concentrating on stabbing every bit of food on their plates. j and i actually get to eat a normal meal!

– both boys LOVE to show us their bellies and touch their belly buttons.

– pouring is a major activity in our house now. bath time is all about pouring water from one cup to the other. serious concentration here. that is when they are not trying to pour water over each other’s heads!

– we now have a stool at the kitchen sink where they climb up to wash their hands!

– our new favorite party trick is “ET phone home!” and the boys stick their pointer finger out for us to touch with our pointer finger.

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