the boys turn 18 months old today! i thought the first twelve months went by in a flash, but now things feel like they’re really rolling. and ozzy and abie, in what seems like overnight, have transformed into little boys. jordan and i look at each other in amazement every night as we reminisce the new funny/crazy/endearing/brilliant/kookey things the boys did that day. so in honor of the 1.5 year mark, here’s a little sampling:

– abel’s new expression is one of bewildered delight. “WHOA!” is all i can say to describe it. this kid never ceases to amaze us with his expressions. he’s a crazy court-jester comedian one minute, and can melt your heart with sparkly eyes the next.

– both abie and oz have an impressive sign language vocabulary. i counted up their signs and they are up to 20! some of my favorite signs include airplane, house, baby (so cute), sleep (even cuter) and bunny. their verbal communication has improved dramatically, but with less-than-practical words including hyena (abel) and skunk (oz). go figure.

– abie is like spider man and can climb up ANY slide. i swear that kid has little grippers on his knees.

– both boys have a bizarre obsession with their bellies. they are constantly lifting up their shirts to pat and point to their tummies and bellybuttons. they try and balance food on their bare bellies during dinner. the best was when oz and another boy had a bellybutton pointing contest on the top platform of the jungle gym today. needless to say, oz won.

– abie has a case of the frights lately. i know this is really normal for toddlers, but it has caught me off guard. he totally freaked out when we got on the elevator at nordstrom this week, was shaken by thunder, and lost it in the little train depot at the children’s museum. he is truly frightened and i just get him in my arms as fast as possible, hold him tight and tell him he is safe. oz remains unfazed by anything so far, but now that i wrote that, he’ll probably be scared of the bath tomorrow.

– the boys are RUNNING EVERYWHERE now. that and walking on their tip-toes. regular walking is just so passe.

– oz started shaking his head “no,” which is actually a really nice development for us. they both know exactly what they want (well, most of the time), and we try and give them many opportunities to pick out their clothes, shoes, etc.

– abie can be quite the shoe horse. some days he’ll go through more pairs of shoes than our favorite sex in the city heroine. this morning he started out in his new stride rites, but after an hour he brought me his cool see kai run sandals to put on. 45 minutes later he pulled out his SKR tennies and sat down for me to put those on before our errands. even i don’t blow through shoes like that!

– both guys now tell us when they have made a poop by pointing at their diapers immediately upon delivery. me thinks this bodes well for potty training…maybe???

i wish my recall were better, or i was more religious in documenting what they do on a regular basis. i guess that’s what a blog is for, eh? well, at least the camera never let’s us down…



the boys play dodge ball

petting pumpkin-head, the neighborhood cat. we do this every morning. that is when she’s not hiding under her owner’s truck!

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