when two blogs collide

this is the story of when two blogs collide. if i thought that never in a million years i would have twins, then i definitely thought that never in a zillion years would i get to meet my on-line blogging buddy who has twin boys one day older than mine. oh, and did i mention that she lives in alaska? ALASKA! many of you twin blog readers are familiar with the adventures of carrie, brook, finn and reid. it’s a fabulous blog – for carrie’s hysterical stories, honesty and wit; for glimpsing into a family who lives in a far off distant land; for seeing brook’s zanny faces and antics with the boys; but mainly for all the fabulous pics of the adorable duo, finn and reid. carrie and i have grown to be great friends, all over the computer, from before our boys were born. when these four boys entered the world, our bond grew stronger as we all navigated the delirious months of caring for newborns. as everyone grew and developed, struggled and achieved, i had a compadre who knew exactly what i was going through and could commiserate, rejoice and give me lots of great advice.

this past weekend was more fun than i can describe. my jaw hurt from talking so much with someone i had never met yet felt like i had known my whole life. we spent a whole day at the spa on saturday (thanks honey!), hiked, swam, got thai massages, got sunburns, drank margaritas on lake travis, ate yummy tex-mex, took the boys on their first mini-train ride, and took countless walks in 100+ degrees. it was awesome. and when she left on sunday night, i was seriously bummed and missed the heck out of her.

the only downer to the whole visit was not getting to meet brook, finn and reid, although i feel like we know them a lot better now. somehow i know this won’t be the last time we see carrie, and i bet the next time will include the entire gang, all eight of us. and hopefully there will be lots of hiking, swimming, awesome mexican food and margaritas. oh, and two days for the moms at the spa next time! thank you carrie, for coming to austin on your “side” trip from denver. thank you brook for watching the boys. and thank you especially finn and reid for letting mom have a little vacation (well, as much as a vacation it can be when you’re staying in a house with another set of twins!). we love you and miss you carrie!!!

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