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i know this is going to sound strange, but we had an awesome well check today. the boys seemed to really enjoy the whole experience. well, up until they got three vaccines, but 45 seconds later they were back to enjoying themselves again. they dug everything about the dr’s office, especially the running train in the waiting room. can we just say, “happy feet!!!” abel had to announce to the world that there was a train…for like 10 minutes straight.

the guys were pronounced healthy and just doing fantastic with all the things that 18 month old (going on 19 in two days!) toddlers are supposed to be doing (including the head banging). doc hudson was particularly impressed with how muscular oskar’s quads are (?????), and said he had little mallets for feet. let’s just say that jordan is still beaming with pride. so not to make you think we have beefy knuckleheads for children, the doc was also impressed with how they look and interact with books, put puzzles together, etc.

the four of us left the office with smiles on our faces, especially the boys who got two new superballs from the doctor. this place knows how to do it right!

i’ll leave you with their weights and measures:

32 inches tall (36%)
25lb 2oz (36%)
19 inches (61%)

32 inches tall
25lb 6oz
19 inches

and their secret revealed for such strong quads (it’s all about the pillow position):

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