18 month sleep regression = seventh circle of hell

we are in a bad place, dear friends.

i’ve come to believe that the sleep angst we experienced in california was not because we were in california. sure, the strange location may have served to enhance it all. but it was not the reason.

we’re going on our third day of no naps and our fifth day of bizarro nighttime sleep. the nighttime deal is mainly an issue when we put them to bed. lots of resistance when we leave the room. lots of blanket throwing. lots of taking a long time to fall asleep. we’ve only had a few occasional wakings in the night, although those were so not pretty.

but oh the naps. the thorn in my side. the albatross around my neck. our achilles heel. i wish i didn’t stress out so much about the naps, but i do. naps keep me balanced. it’s the one time during the day i can do what i need to do. or want to do. it’s my respite. and now that the boys are down to one nap a day, i’ve only got this one shot to make it happen.

yesterday the boys actually went down easily for their nap. after 20 minutes one of them woke up hysterical (abel), which woke up oskar (calm). once they’re up, there’s no going back, so i decided we’d run an errand to keep us all distracted. 3 minutes into our trip, abel was passed out. i didn’t want to wake him, so i decided to go for a little drive, thinking he’d sleep maybe 20-30 minutes. 2 hours later, both of them passed out, i finally called an end to my little jog down infant-memory lane. towards the end of my wandering, i actually went through my car’s trip calculator and realized that nap had cost me $10 in gas!

today the nap just wouldn’t happen, and i wasn’t about to blow another 10 bones and CO2 emissions just for them to sleep. so i tried every trick i knew. i brought them into bed with me (HA!), i restarted our nap routine (ya right), i rubbed their bellies and shooshed them at the same time as they resisted in their cribs, i even tried just laying down on the floor in front of their cribs (total hysterics – never doing again). no nap. all i can say is thank god for lupe, our nanny, who was scheduled to come at 2pm. by that time, i don’t think the boys wanted anything more to do with me. trust me, the feeling was mutual.

i think it’s safe to say that we’re deep in the 18 mo. sleep regression and it’s driving me nuts. i know i’ve been through worse. but it still totally stinks.

greetings from the seventh circle of hell

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