bye bye ichat…hello nana!

we get a lot of use out of our ichat program. with family all over the place, it’s so wonderful for the boys’ to get instant gratification when they ask to talk to nana (in chicago) or papa (in san francisco). “ask” is an understatement, really. on any given day, multiple times a day, the boys will pass by the computer and start screaming, “nana, nana, nana!”

well, we will be ichatting no more with nana. the boys will get to see their nana live, in person, from here on out starting this sunday. nana is moving to austin THIS SUNDAY!!! and if that weren’t enough, she will be living just around the corner from us – not more than a 15 minute leisurely walk. i can picture weekend breakfasts already.

we are all beyond excited for this. for so many reasons. nana is very busy this week getting last minute things done and packing, and we are wishing we could be there to help (or rather, wishing she were here already!). lee-lee is going to drive down with nana ala thelma and louise this weekend. let’s just hope there’s no canyon jumping in their plans and they make it austin safe and sound. we can’t wait!

so for posterity, here’s oz and nana virtual chatting:

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