day is done

we’ve had a bit of a rough patch over here for the past few days. my b-day was on saturday, and it was a great one at that. perfect, i dare say. the morning was lovely ritual; our walk around the block (us all walking), our walk around the neighborhood (in stroller), breakfast at central market and then our weekend grocery shopping. after the boys nap we headed to zilker park, played at a HUGE playground and then we all rode the zilker zephyr, the cutest lil’ train west of the mississippi. it was all just bliss and i couldn’t imagine celebrating any other way. that night after the boys went to bed, we gorged ourselves on our favorite indian food (thanks mark and laura!) and i ate probably a 1/2 dozen of anne’s famous birthday cocunut cupcakes (an annual tradition that i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!).

sunday, after a great morning, i noticed oz looking mighty miserable all of a sudden. i gave him a kiss and hugged him and WOAH, he was burning up to 103. so the past three days have been a big mess of fever, puking, diarrhea (my LEAST favorite aspect of parenting, hands down), little sleep and general ugliness. our trip to the doc yesterday yielded a double ear infection and bacterial intestinal diagnosis and a big ol’ shot of antibiotic in ozzy’s right thigh. thank god, because the kid was instantly better after that shot. miracle, i tell you!

so we were all REALLY looking forward to a nice big sleep last night. 1am diarrhea call, but right back to sleep. murmurings at 6am but right back to sleep. ahhhh….and then CRASH and screaming! it’s 6:20 and j and i run to the boys room, thinking we’d find one if not both splayed on the floor after they managed to catapult themselves over their cribs. we entered their room to find the big shelf that holds their computer and humidifier ripped from the wall and everything on it all over the room, including all the water from the humidifier. lovely! i just thank god that it happened while they were safe in their cribs. then j goes into the kitchen to get breakfast ready and a watermelon we had on the counter decided to explode all over. ?!?!?!?!?

whatever was going to go wrong today did. thank god it’s almost over.

p.s. i’m not even going to talk about abel. all i’ll say is everyone who reads this, cross your fingers. hard.

p.p.s. the shot cleared up one of oz’s ear, so he got a second one today which should do the job. no oral antibiotics to deal with. love it!

p.p.p.s. abel got some serious one-on-one time on sunday and yesterday afternoon when oz went to the doctor with dad. he was one psyched lil’ man to have the hose all to himself. it’s escalated to total obsession.

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