yes, i feed my kids raw eggs

so we’re on our way out of the grocery store this afternoon after, yet again, a napless day. the boys were DELIRIOUSLY tired, and i was just thankful we made it out of the store without the boys causing some major catastrophe, when my cell phone rings. it’s the evil nurse from our pediatrician’s office, and she sounds awfully frantic. she says oskar’s stool sample results just came back (from tuesday, no less!) and he has…SALMONELLA! WHAT!!!!????!!!!

she starts grilling me on where we’ve been, what we’ve been doing, what he’s been eating. i’m like, “i assure you lady, i haven’t been giving them raw eggs. i barely can even get them to eat a cracker half the time.” she says she is calling in a prescription pronto and he needs to start taking it immediately. yikes!

after some research, i realize he could have gotten salmonella from anything. maybe food (although i doubt it, because he eats less a variety than abel, and abel is unfazed). maybe from the playground and another kid (me thinks this is the reason, since we were at a very huge public playground the day before he got sick). maybe from the turtles and ducks we feed frequently at our local pond (although we never get very close to the turtles and certainly never touch them). and while i appreciate the nurse’s concern, she made it sound like oskar might die without getting these antibiotics, and she made it out like his salmonella was a public health crisis (she even said the state of texas would be calling and grilling me as well). let’s just chalk it up to me not liking this nurse to much.

so there you have it. at least we know why oz has been sick. poor, poor lil’ guy having to deal with this and the ear infections. he’s one serious trooper, i tell you. sure, he’s had his moments this week, but he’s been pretty normal most of the time. i also have to give major chops to abel, who has really stepped up while his bro has been under the weather. normally my little cling-on, abel has been mr. independent this week, keeping himself busy, always up for the tasks that i request of him, and just being a delightful boy. oh, and the hugs and kisses! he’s been the one this week to keep a smile on our faces and keep us all laughing. his empathy and understanding just blows me away.

here’s our oz on the up and up…

and mr. cuddles gives ally some lovin’…

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