jabber mouths

i’ve written before about my concerns regarding the boys language development. as they approached 18 months, i grew more and more unsure if they were delayed. to say the boys are verbal is an understatement. verbal in english? now that’s another matter. i even went so far as to call early childhood intervention for an assessment, in which they told me the boys were doing just fine (these folks were amazing, btw, and if you are ever concerned about a delay in your child under 3, they will come and do free assessments for you. they are in every county of every state!)

well, i’m happy to report that the language explosion i’ve been enviously hearing about has definitely happened in our house. over the course of the past month, the boys vocab has skyrocketed! at 20 months, they have mastered well over 50 words (i tried to count the other day, and i just gave up), and are constantly repeating what we say, no matter how complex.

some of my favorites so far…

ozzy: jiu jitsu (says it perfect!), teenager (hardly recognizable, but it’s clear he is saying it), please (peese!), abie (baaaybee), lawn mower (mmmmmm-aaaaw), gross (gro)

abie: acorn (acka), oskar (ocka), brother (brada – kickin’ it bronx style!), coal car (says perfect, because the kid is totally OCD about thomas the train)

the boys still use A LOT of signs every day and surprise me all the time by busting out new ones we practiced a long time ago. we started gymboree a few weeks ago and the boys are all about getting their hands, feet and belly ink-stamped at the end of class. they sit in a line in front of the teacher and wait their turn (to die for cute, btw). last week, after oz got his stamps, the teacher turned to me and said, “do you know the sign for your welcome?” i said, “no, why?” and she looked at me like the dumb-ass that i was and said, “well, oskar just signed thank you to me, and i’d like to sign your welcome!” they now sign thank you for everything, and it’s gotten me on a whole new manners kick.

coinciding with their new-found words, is my new-found ability to decipher what they are saying. things are starting to sound really clear to me, as well as my ability to understand the nuances of their words. for instance, i am mama, and lots of time just ma. moa is more, which sounds a lot like ma, but is infinitely different. mmmmmmm-aaaaaw is lawn mower. which also sounds a lot like ma and more, but is infinitely-squared different. they use all three of these words about five thousand times every day, so you can imagine how relieved i am that i am able to finally comprehend.

here are our jabber mouths at 20 months old:


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