things that i love today

– how when the boys are happy, they run to each other for a big hug and kiss
– how they hate getting their hair wet in the bath, but love being in the rain and splashing in the puddles
– my new robe, which is as light and soft as spring air (thanks mama!)
– how the boys’ eyes light up when they see their nana (promptly followed by a high-pitched scream!)
– costco’s shrimp salad
– my husband’s newly shaven face
– getting caught in the rain…twice!
– how the boys signal a toy/book exchange with the sweetest “hi!” (i think they may be saying “here” but i’m not sure…either way it’s awesome)
– how instead of hitting or biting his brother, oskar now gives him a hug when he gets frustrated or angry (don’t ask me how this developed)
– how oz calls abie “baby” and how abie calls oskar “cracker”- makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?
– being able to squeeze in two posts during the boys’ nap

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