let’s make it a date!

i wanted to have another lunch date with the boys, but i didn’t want to fall into the trap of doing the “same ol’ thing.” i honestly came this close to going to the children’s museum and galaxy cafe again, but then stopped myself. it wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world, but i wanted to traverse new terrain.

ozzy’s big toe has been getting calloused lately and i’ve suspected his shoes were getting too small. so i asked the boys if they wanted to go shoe shopping and then to lunch at nordstrom, and they both gleefully started saying, “mall! mall!” so our date was set.

shoe shopping was great! stride rite had new toys and the gal their has helped us twice before and knows the boys by name. she even remembers that oz is an XW (yes, that’s our mallet-footed child) and abel is just a W. i was right, the boys grew a size, and i ended up shelling out the big bucks, minus 15%, for two new pairs of shoes. i always have terrible buyers’ remorse, though, so i let the boys run around in the shoes in the mall to really try them out. then i took them off before going outside…just in case! i know, i’m really bad like that. i was on-line looking for deals as soon as we got home. i really think i need to stop wasting my time doing this, but it’s this little frugal demon i constantly battle with.

it was getting pretty close to nap time, but i decided to take a risk and off we went to nordstrom’s cafe. in all honesty, i was really jonesing for their thin cut fries. we had a lovely lunch, again. so lovely, in fact, that i want to make a weekly, or bi-monthly, lunch date with this dashing duo. i figure we can check out new restaurants in austin, since so many have opened since j and i have officially become homebodies with the birth of these boys. i may even add in some dining reviews to the blog for all you austin readers!

so here’s my first on nordstrom’s cafe:
the fries are divine and worth the trip in and of itself. thin cut, perfectly crispy with a little skin showing. sea salted with a generous coating of parsley. served with a kalamata olive aioli. completely finger lickin’ good. mac and cheese was poorly made annie’s from a box. not worth the $4.50. i will totally order chicken fingers for the boys next time because, guess what? it comes with more fries! everything else was inconsequential.

oh, and these photos totally don’t relate to this post, but i didn’t want to write something without giving you all something to look at, too!

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