so long, old friend

i bought my first new car almost 6 years ago. a VW passat wagon i called tof pin, because my license was TO5 PNN, and my mind freakishly interpreted the 5 as an “f” for the sake of remembering. it was between a mini cooper and the wagon; fun and flirty vs. solid and practical. i was also 3 months into my long-distance relationship with jordan and i must have had a premonition of things to come, because not only did i go with the wagon, but i even got it in automatic (gasp!). all i can say is, thank god.

i have loved my passat. she’s been a loyal friend and literally traveled with me through the many different phases of my life. driving to hot springs arkansas (the half-way point between st. louis and austin) every other month to meet up with jordan; moving me to chicago to be with my man; moving j and i, married, back to austin with a dog and two cats in tow; bringing our extremely precious cargo home from the hospital four days after they were born; soothing that precious cargo with her purring engine…countless times. when i think about it that way, my passat has been a life saver.

the proud new owner! yes, i am in a cemetery in hot springs AK. and yes, on the trip home mati christened the car properly and puked in my lap while we were stuck in traffic. worst. car. moment. ever.

moving to austin in 2005 with mati and sam keeping a close eye on the speedometer

parting is such sweet sorrow. we drove tof pin to the volvo dealer this past weekend to talk trade in. with nana in austin, it’s been pretty silly having to take two cars every where when the five of us want to, say, go out to dinner. or drive an hour to the pumpkin patch. and it’s super silly when we have one visitor, say lee-lee, and we have to take two cars to binge on salt lick bbq. to my complete dismay, we had 7-seater SUV territory written all over our faces (sorry, but a minivan just isn’t happening here).

little did we know, but the dealer gave us what we felt tof pin was worth, and we negotiated the heck out of ’em to drive home a 2006 xc90. i’m still pinching myself. i LOVE this car. three beautiful rows (and the 3rd row is dang comfortable, even for a moderately sized adult!), spacious yet not looking like an obnoxiously-sized, gas guzzling behemoth, and just about the safest four wheels out there. and not that we were going for this, but we truly got the pick of the used car litter and scored a built-in DVD entertainment system for the second row. ROAD TRIPS HERE WE COME!

but the all important test was yet to come. how would the boys like their new ride? in general, they love being in the car, so i wasn’t too worried. but little did i know. once they were in, they didn’t want to get out! and now they go outside and beg me to go for a ride. and i swear i didn’t even shown them the DVD capabilities!

so we have now officially entered SUV-land and i don’t regret it one bit. maybe i will when gas prices go back up, but for now we’re sitting on top of the volvo…i mean world.

our new family wheels!

the boys seriously pimp their ride!

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