halloween lowdown

the first of many holiday celebrations in this last quarter has come and gone. it’s a little mind boggling for me to think of all that’s on the horizon. thanksgiving will be here in the blink of an eye; then hannukah, solstice, christmas, new years. whew! i enjoy holidays immensely, but i also try to keep an even keel and not make it the end-all-be-all. although, i’m realizing quickly that with two toddlers who are understanding things quickly, i should be prepared to make holidays a special time for us all. i tend to be a horrible procrastinator!

the boys really got a kick out of halloween! our neighborhood does it right and lots of houses have been decked out with headstones and cobwebs in the yard, big spiders on trees, skeletons and ghouls hanging from just about anywhere. oh, and the mummies! oz’s new favorite word. it’s been a morning staple this october to walk the streets and explore all the new and old decorations. the boys haven’t been afraid one bit, and run right up to the skulls and give ’em a big old pat on the head. we also made halloween sticker books a few days ago thanks to lee-lee. she made the boys these awesome black books with their names on them, and sent us some festive stickers. the boys we shimmying in their chairs with such excitement for that next sticker. so cute! i also got some seasonal window gels for them to play with and it’s been a huge hit.

they have been obsessed of late with wearing headbands and love to push around tennis rackets, so we thought PERFECT! they’ll be tennis players, ala bjorn borg, for halloween. problem is they’re also toddlers, so as soon as we tried to put the headbands on them yesterday, they freaked out. and of course, wanted nothing to do with a tennis racket. i think we’ll stick to fun kids costumes next year.

oz had a mysterious fever yesterday, but it didn’t deter us from going to j’s office for trick or treating in the afternoon. the boys got completely freaked out by a women dressed as a mummy (which i though oz would love! she even had horns on her head like tyron as the mummy king, which is his favorite!). so they clung to us for dear life after that. we came home, all happy as clams, and nana and aunt lynda walked in the door. the boys got so excited they went running into the kitchen and oz took a corner too fast and slammed his face into the corner of the cabinet. all i heard was a very loud thud…not good. i swooped his poor self up, and abie, amidst the commotion, started FREAKING. crazy hysterical. he actually took longer to calm down then oz, who by then, had a 4 inch gash running down the side of his face. after about 10 minutes of utter crankdom, they snapped out of their funk and had fun playing with the ladies. ate dinner, got pumpkin soup all over their tennis whites, so i figured it was time to improvise new costumes.

i thought two babies would be fun. put them in their footed pj’s, stick binkies in their mouths (which i knew abie would love!), let them carry around their blankies. it’d be ironic and easy! j wasn’t sold though. so i threw a football jersey on oz, abie got his bones babylegs, and we were good to go for some trick or treating. we beat the sundown rush and the boys made all their usual stops at neighbors homes with their favorite decorations. and i got to thank all our neighbors for being so tolerant with letting the boys run all over their property and touch their decorations every morning! everyone was so gracious and sweet, the boys loved getting candy and said lots of unprompted thank yous. i’m just so grateful we live in this amazing neighborhood with folks who are genuinely kind and love watching our guys grow up.

the boys were in bed by 7:30 and out like a light. now that’s a great halloween!

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